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Unterganger Awards - August 2015


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Added by Hitler Rants Parodies in JennieParker87


The Unterganger Awards (UA) is a monthly award show. It's based off of popular nominations. Winners are decided by judges. Click on "View more" -

You can submit your nominations on the Downfall Parody Forum:


Best FX Parody
"Hitler's Clusterfuck" - Parker87

Best Current Events Parody
"Hitler Reviews: Windows 10" - Hitler Rants Parodies

Best Series
"Battle for the Bunker: Episode 7 - A New Enemy" - Soalric Parker

Best Superweapon Parody
"Hitler's War of Superweapon Episode 1: Grawitz vs Angry German Kid" - 20fadhil

Best Story-Based Parody
"Hitler's Fuhrerbunker gets turned into a parking lot" - 1979Onetime Downfall Parodies

Best Video Game Parody
"Hitler Plays Minecraft - Episode 8 (Trading)" - Charizard

Best Audio-Based Parody
"Hitler is dubbed by PH 2 - Nerdington prank calls PH" - Parodyhall

Best DPMV (Music Parody)
"[DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Bunker Space (Blank Space)" - Vgrx

Most Innovative Parody
"My apartment tour with Hitler!" - Parodyhall

Most Humorous Parody
"Kitler plays Jenga" - Hitler Rants Parodies

Best use of a rare scene
"Krebs is sick of the Fish gag" - CloneOfJoster285

Best parody by a newcomer
"Der Untergang" Parody #15: Propaganda" - Unterganger Kunst

Unterganger of the Month: Parodyhall

Parody of the Month
"Battle for the Bunker: Episode 7 - A New Enemy" - Soalric Parker

Judges August 2015: Parker87 (manager), Vulpix95NL, Charizard, RandomDolfyParodies. Emergency judge: AKO675.

"Together as one" - James Paget
"Frontier" - Doctor Vox

Intro: RavenProDesign

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