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Bunker Kombat v1.0 Trailer + Download Link


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Added by Hitler Rants Parodies in TheSilverUniverse


If the game doesn't start up then launch the game using compatibility mode.

1. Right click Bunker Kombat launcher .exe file.
2. Choose the "Compatibility" tab.
3. Tick the option for "Run this program in compatibilty mode for:"
4. Choose "Windows 98/ Windows ME"
5. Click on Apply and enjoy the game.

NB! In 1 vs 1 mode you can change the stage under the options menu.

Double punch - Tap A and C
Horizontal stike - left+D+F / right+D+F
Run - Right/Left+E
Throw - While moving at the enemy + C
Fatality - Down+Down+Left+Right+E
Babality - Left+Right+Right+Left+E
Combo 1 - repeat F
Combo 2 - repear D
Block - B
Invisibility - Up+Down+F
Forward Dash - right+A+C
Back Dash - Left+A+C
Ninja Flip - Right+wait+Left+C
Side Kick - Left+wait+Right+C
Piss of Death/Acid - Right+wait+Right+A
Piss of Death/Acid slow - Left+wait+Left+A
Piss of Death/ Acid split - Right+wait+Right+D
Sweep - Left+C
Roundhouse - Left+F
Uppercut - Down+D
Push - A or C
High crouch kick - Crouch+F
Normal Kick - D
Faster Kick - A
High Leg kick - F
Normal leg kick - C

The controls here are in ABCDEF format as you can find in the options tab.

This trailer was kinda rushed and I'm sorry for that, but I'm leaving for a couple of days and wanted to release Bunker Kombat v1.0 no matter what. I'll be adding the full list of controls tomorrow or if I don't have time then next week.

Thanks for watching, playing and subscribing! :D .
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