Downfall Parodies
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Untergangers (A-D)

  • 05:26 Popular Hitler Is Obsessed with ''Frozen''

    Hitler Is Obsessed with ''Frozen''

    by Dan Olson Added 665 Views / 0 Likes

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  • 03:50 Popular [DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel-Conda (Anaconda Parody)

    [DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel-Conda (Anaconda Parody)

    by andrew lafleur Added 799 Views / 0 Likes

    [DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel-Conda (Anaconda Parody)Created by: FegelDolfParodiesOriginal Song: Nicki Minaj - AnacondaClips from:Downfall (Der Untergang)\'Fegelein Pranks Hitler Again\' by Staedty86\'Fegelein Kicks Hitler in the Testicle!\' by KakashiBallZ

  • Popular Fegelein have gone (DDG parodies) Part 6

    Fegelein have gone (DDG parodies) Part 6

    by Thawat Jarupenpat Added 590 Views / 0 Likes

    So Hitler want Fegelein to be dead once it for all, He launch Steiner assult team on Poland, warsaw and what will happen to fegelein? He will dead or he will manage to survive once again and get revenge on Hitler.... Let\'s find out here :)Made by: Movie